¿Quién Es Juan?

JUAN® - Tocando Lo Que Le Gusta™

 JUAN was created in 2008 by Santos Latin Media as a Spanish Adult Hits format that specializes in music and good times. 

JUAN is a format that is available for your market. JUAN plays music from the 80's, 90's, and Today, with an emphasis on the listeners of the market. He plays music that the listeners want to hear on the radio station, while never forgetting his Mexican roots. Juan specializes in Spanish Adult Hits music, while still having a heart for Romanticas and Pop (and a little Tropical). 

Your market determines what JUAN will play on your station.   

Please feel free to contact Santos Latin Media for more information about JUAN for your market. Information about JUAN-FM can be found at  www.juanfm.com       

¿Dónde está Juan?

Current JUAN affiliates:

Farmington, NM: KRZE-AM (Juan 1280)
Fort Morgan, CO: KRJN-FM (Juan 93.1)

Grand Junction, CO: KGJX-F2 (Juan 104.7) 

Jackson, WY: KSGT-AM (Juan 1340 & 96.3 FM)
Jasper, IN: WITZ-AM (Juan 990 AM & 99.1 FM)
Logan, UT / Weston, ID: KLZX-F2 (Juan 95.9)
Mt. Pleasant, TX: KIMP-AM (Juan 960 AM / 104.3 FM)
Poughkeepsie, NY: WEOK (Juan 95.7)
Prescott Valley, AZ: KPPV-F3 (Juan 107.1)
Reno, NV: KLCA-F4 (Juan 101.7)
Salt Lake City, UT: KTUB-AM (Juan 1600)
St. George, UT: KCLS-F3 (Juan 104.1)
Storm Lake, IA: KAYL-AM (Juan 990 & 99.9) 

and YOUR MARKET soon!

Call us and bring JUAN to your market: (661) 993-5701